5 Things You Need To Tell Your Web Designer

When you are a digital marketer, there will be instances when you need to work with other people to execute your plan, like web designers and graphic artists. But most of the time, these two entities are at odds with each other, which can lead to poor landing pages and marketing execution.

But it doesn’t have to be that way always. If you are a marketing head, it is your obligation and responsibility to lead the creative team and provide them the right insights so they can create a design that would fulfill your requirement. Here are some important things that you need to tell your web design team:

  1. Follow the brand

When you are working with a client, it is a must that you follow the brand guidelines set by the company. Most organizations have a brand guide that they provide to agencies. This is to ensure that their marketing arm is not deviating from their branding. This contains the information about the company, the colors, font and typefaces, and the right way to use their logos. Be sure to brief your web designer about the brand before the design process starts.

  1. Think like a target audience

Some web designers get caught with their creations that they forget that they are creating designs for a client. Be sure to remind your web designer about the purpose of the project: creating a web design that would attract your client’s clients. This would mean that the design should address the needs of the target audience, not the designer.

  1. Tell them the goal

Experts in web designing in Dubai always ask their Account Managers or clients about the goal of the project. The reason behind this is for the designer to know the right design elements to help reach your client’s goal.

  1. Brief them about the content

The content of the site is also the concern of the web designer. They need to know how much text will be put on the site so they can plan the exact dimension of the elements, especially the graphics.

  1. Ask for a wireframe

Asking for a wireframe is a common practice in agencies. This is to see what site looks like without the design. The wireframe will help all persons concern see the placement of the elements.

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