5 Key Translation Aspects That You Need To Check

Translating your document is necessary, especially if you have a number of audiences to cater to overseas. It is important that the manuscript is translated to their native languages so they can better understand the message you are trying to convey.

But it is also a must that you thoroughly check the work that is done by your Dubai legal translation team to ensure that every word is translated correctly and adhere to the vision and purpose of the document. Here are some aspects that you need to check:

  1. Check for grammatical errors

You need to keep in mind that a single mistake in the translation can change the meaning of the sentence or the document. So be sure to check the words used in the translated document and spot grammatical errors that might affect the message of the document. But you need to remember that grammar is subjective and would depend on the language it is translated to, so it would be best to get a point of view of a person who has in-depth knowledge of the language to check the output.

  1. Check if the context is there

More the grammar, you need to ensure that the message and the context of the document is still there. There are instances when the context will be lost due to the translation process. It would be best to check the context of the document to ensure that the message is there, despite being translated to other language.

  1. Check whether the voice is correct

The voice refers how the message is related to the audience. It the way the message is being said. In terms of writing, it is the way the translated document is being read. A correct voice will help the readers understand the message being relayed to the audience.

  1. Check if there are missing content

There are also instances when a part of the document is not translated due to oversight. This can affect the context of the whole document. You need to ensure that the whole manuscript is translated. If there are missing paragraphs, take note of this and ask the translator if this is intentional.

  1. Check the flow of ideas

At times, the audience is not able to follow the readings since the flow of the document is incoherent and not cohesive. Read the paragraph and check if they are connected to each other.

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